Snowy Egret is a very common bird.  I found I like to photo them a lot.  They ave a beautiful  yellow ring eyes, feet and black leg with pure white feather.  This just make them simple beauty.  Here are some photos of the snowy egret landing.  Enjoy.
Vermilion Flycatcher is a rare bird with beautiful red body color and black wins.  Many of the birders are looking for it in Austin TX.  I got a chance to photo him for hours over the weekend.  I noticed that he is constantly fly around a mirror and look into the mirror.  I found out that this is a normal behavior for this type of bird.  It is their territoriality behavior.  He thinks that there is another male bird in the mirror and he is fighting.  You can see this behavior in the #3 picture.


    Jason Chen was born in Taiwan in 1968, came to the United States in 1991.
     He began photography in 2007 when he first bought his Nikon D40.  Since then, he only became serious about photography in 2010.


    March 2013
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    Nikon D600