My wife and I have attempted our first time cruise for our 20th anniversary in Jan 2013.  I though I will post my own opinions and share with the people that has never been on a cruise.  

  • Do I enjoy it?  Yes.  Definitely.  I love it.  The cruise ship is so beautiful and there so many things to do on a ship.
  • Will I do it again?  Oh, Yes.
  • Why do I like it?  Because it disconnect me from the world.  You can also say it disconnect me from the reality.  I don't need to worry about that I got call from a customer support call.  I turn off my phone and told my boss, you can't get hold of me.
  • Where to stay in a boat?  I would say balcony and the middle of the boat to avoid sea sick.  My wife is very sensitive to the sea sick and we stay in the middle and the deck 8 and she is totally fine with it.  Not a symptom at all.
  • To save some money.  Bring your own water and wine.
  • To enjoy, Try to see every show.  Goes to hot tube, and exercise.
  • Now the most important thing for me.  Photography.  I bring my newly bought Nikon D600, 28-300 and the 20mm for wide angle.  This camera is amazing and the 28-300 performs flawlessly on D600.  I got to photo many different country and the boat.
  • What I like the most?  Totally relax.  Spend more time with your love one.  Don' t need to worry about next meal.
  • Cruise line.  I live in Austin TX so we drove down to Galveston and I took the royal Caribbean cruise.  Highly recommended.  I will probably do the same cruise again. 


    Jason Chen was born in Taiwan in 1968, came to the United States in 1991.
     He began photography in 2007 when he first bought his Nikon D40.  Since then, he only became serious about photography in 2010.


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